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We have experience writing essays in serval languages, regarding a wide variety of topics.
Be it finding topics of discussion, structuring your paper, citing your sources or proofreading,
we are happy to help you improve your essay writing skills across the board.

What are the benefits of improving your writing skills with us?

Writing can be tricky, even more so if you are not writing in your native language.

We have experience with essays written in several different languages across a wide and varied spectrum of subjects. Our tutors provide tailored guidance regarding the writing process and offer constructive feedback on essay drafts.

If you do not have an essay to write but want to improve your writing skills, our tutors can organise customised practice exercises or provide editing services on personal writing. We work to help students and professionals improve their writing skills at all levels.

Why Choose Us?

Hi, my name is Roberta!

I am an Italian-British entrepreneur with a passion for languages, travel and unique cultural experiences. I am fluent in five languages (English, Italian, Spanish, French and Chinese Mandarin/Traditional), and have lived in nine countries across Europe, Africa, East Asia and North America.

My journey with language began from childhood, and continued into university, where I studied languages, cultural studies and archaeology at the University of Palermo, Italy. After graduating, I lived in Spain before beginning an intensive course in Traditional and Simplified Chinese at the Chinese Culture University in Taiwan. From there, I continued my studies at Cornell University and Colorado State University (MBA).

With my experience and desire to teach others, I founded Small Radish Tutoring, to help others reach their full personal and academic potential.

Aside from my academic background, I am also a co-founder of Abyss Cleanup, the first Italian non-profit whose mission is to identify, locate and remove marine litter.

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